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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Clueless on what to wear? As if!

Hey everyone! Since I'm still on holiday at the moment, I pretty much just sit around, eat and watch tv shows/movies online... not for long though.... I start my first job soon!

Anyway, one of my favourite films has to be Clueless - I would say it's a teen girl chick flick with slightly less cliches and a better plot compared to some of the movies in cinemas today. So definitely watch it if you have the chance!

I was also inspired by the fashion in this movie - and I'm not alone, Wildfox's Spring 2013 Lookbook is  inspired by Clueless too.
Photo: Wildfox

Clueless showcased a lot of the best fashions present in the 90's; Crop tops, A-Line Skirts, Hats, Long socks etc. The main characters, Cher, Dionne & Tai all incorporated a unique personal style into their outfits.
Cher's style is more on the preppier side: Argyle, blazers, button ups, berets, simple silhouettes
While Di has a bolder fashion sense: Mixing bold colours/prints, fabulous hats and her hair + nose ring is so cool!
Before her makeover, Tai's heavily influenced by the 'grunge scene': Plaid, loose fitting garments, denim, dark colours

I decided to create a set on Polyvore inspired by Clueless. The outfits are reminiscent of the 90's fashion in the film but have been modified to fit today's fashion too :-)


Click the image to be directed to the price and availability of each item in the set

Can you guess which outfit pays tribute to which girl in Clueless? ...Really difficult... As if!
 Do you like this movie? What are some other good movies you recommend to watch?

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