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Monday, 18 February 2013

DIY: Jeans to Shorts

This is a DIY classic - it's easy, quick and looks good (all the ingredients of a good DIY!)


  •  Jeans: To transform into shorts. Try the DIY on an old pair first if you're a bit unsure!
  •  Ready-made shorts: Find a pair that fit you well and that you like the style of.
  •  Ruler
  •  Scissors: Fabric scissors would obviously be the best, but I don't any. Regular scissors are a little bit                                  more difficult to cut with but totally usable.
  •  Pencil: Pen, marker, chalk - whatever takes your fancy.

  • Align your existing shorts with the jeans you're planning to DIY with to get an estimate of the length/shape you want.
  • Draw a straight line (Tip: Make your line slightly diagonal, which will make the hem of your shorts slant upwards instead of just being horizontal. This provides a more flattering cut and elongates your legs) to mark off your desired length. 
  • Draw a second straight line slightly below the first. This will give you room to make mistakes or extra fabric to distress/cuff. You can always cut your shorts shorter, but you can't really make them longer!
  • Try them on to check the lines are where you want them to be.

  •  Cut along the second line you drew for Step 1.
  •  You don't have to cut incredibly neatly...I'll tell you why in Step 3

  • Well done! You are now 'kind of done'.
  • Now, you can cuff your shorts and keep the cuff in place by ironing/sewing the sides of the cuff
  • You can also chuck them in the washing machine to give a frayed, distressed looking hem
  • (You won't see the original cut if you cuff them/distress them, therefore you don't have to be super neat in Step 2.)
  • Feel free to customize them even more... here are some ideas:
    • Studding
    • Bleaching/dyeing
    • Lace/cloth appliques
    • Distressing
I hope you enjoyed this super, easy DIY :-)
If you try it, please send me pictures or tell me how it goes! And feel free to ask me any questions.

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