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I am never really any good at doing these...

I guess I should start off the the typical "Hello, my name is Danielle. I hail from New Zealand and I'm just another teenage girl who likes fashion."
To me, fashion is a form of expressing yourself and that ones appearance is like a piece of art. Every human has been given a, more or less, similar canvas. We should all be able to modify this image to encapsulate part of who we are, who we want others to think we are or who we wish to be. As time passes, we are no longer restricted to clothing to do this; Tattoos, make up, piercings, hair-dyes etc.
 Therefore, I think that fashion shouldn't simply be about following what is popular or pretty. 
It should also be used to convey something about yourself to others.
Sorry for my rambling!!
I started this blog because I like writing as well as fashion, and I would probably be too awkward to film videos on youtube! And I think it's a cool way to get into contact with people who have similar interests as myself :-)  


  1. Hey Fashionista,

    Great blog! What do you see as a huge micro trend this year? I'm curious what you see starting to bubble up and grow into the next big thing? Also, I totally share your love for Clueless!

    I love your quote about creating yourself as you wish to be seen. Very thoughtful.

    You would be an amazing contribution to our community at The Hunt. Email me if you want to chat! kristen@thehuntinc.com


    1. Hi Kristen,
      Thank you so much for your comment! I really appreciate it <3

      At the moment I am thinking stripes and monochrome, but I will do some more research and hopefully provide a blog post about it sometime soon.

      I will send you an email right after this comment :-)

      ♥ Danielle