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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Trend Throwback 2012

an appreciation post for some of my favourite fashion trends of 2012

Lipsy chiffon blouse, 39 NZD / Oasis peplum skirt, 39 NZD / Peplum jacket, 565 NZD 
From bold and structured to soft and elegant, peplum came in many forms during 2012. It was featured on tops, skirts, dresses and even jackets. You were able to purchase simple peplum pieces as well as luxurious and edgy pieces featuring fantastical prints and textures, e.g leather.

Givenchy print dress, 1,920 NZD / Slim fit pants, 31 NZD / Stella McCartney Floral Blazer, 1,925 NZD 
Prints were everywhere! Last year, they were busier and bolder than ever - there were no rules. We had the classic prints such as floral but also new and quirky prints such as futuristic and reflective. 

 IRO leather biker jacket, 1,215 NZD / NARS Cosmetics lip makeup, 29 NZD / Alexander Wang leather high heels, 425 NZD

 A luxurious and vampy colour with a very fitting name - Oxblood. It was one of Fall 2012's hottest colour trends, it dominated the runways. My personal favourites were the use of this beautiful colour on leather pieces and in lipstick.

Leather messenger bag, 125 NZD / Comptoir Des Cotonniers neon top, 175 NZD / ORLY neon nail polish, 10 NZD
 Beautifully obnoxious... how is it even possible? Neon might not have been a trend for the faint hearted but it definitely captured many hearts during 2012. In my opinion, it was best worn in small doses and through simple silhouettes. Therefore it was really neon accessories that stole the show!

Oasis sleeveless dress, 100 NZD / Prada eyewear, 355 NZD / Warehouse, 33 NZD  
  This decorative trend showcased ornate swirls and brocade patterns, and was mainly featured in Fall. Baroque pieces often used the colours gold and black but then ventured out to various metallics and other rich colours - even florals. Baroque allowed for a marriage between art and marriage

So that was a look back at some of my favourite trends during 2012, I hope you enjoyed this post!

What were your favourite trends of 2012?

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years,


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